We would like to help your company meet your staffing needs for State Tested Nurse Aides.

At NATCO, we train our students above and beyond the minimum state requirements.  The students are taught that to be a nurse aide means to be a professional. This is a career, not just a job.  During our studies, we focus on the importance of teamwork and person centered care to ensure we are meeting our residents’ needs.

We currently have people who would like to attend our school to be state tested nurse aides. They do not currently have the financial means to pay for the $750.00, 13 day course.  They would make excellent nurse aides with the professional skills you are looking for.  Federal regulation 42 C.F.R. 48.158 allows you to pay for nurse aide training cost and testing.  This is reimbursable to the nursing homes.  If you are interested in sponsoring students, who would like a job at your facility, we would like to help you start them on their career as a state tested nurse aide. We would like for you to set up your own criteria for their letter of intent to work for your company post-graduation.

The students learn more than the 25 state required skills. We focus on skills they will use throughout their day working at the nursing home. Such as proper hand washing, abdominal thrust on a conscious resident, ambulation with gait belt, ambulation with walker, applying anti-embolic stockings, back rub, bedpan and output, bedside commode, denture care, dressing and undressing a resident, emptying a urinary drainage bag, feeding the dependent resident and intake, hair care, male perineal care, making an occupied bed, making an unoccupied bed, measuring height of resident in bed, mouth care, nail care, passing food tray, partial bed bath, perineal care for a female, positioning resident on their side, range of motion hip and knee, range of motion shoulder, shaving disposable razor, shaving electric razor, stand pivot transfer from bed to w/c using gait belt, stand pivot from w/c to bed using a gait belt, vest restraint in bed, vital signs- temperature, pulse and respiration, weighing an ambulatory resident, two person move with lift sheet, applying incontinent brief, measuring and recording blood pressure, complete bed bath, and catheter care.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in filling your staffing needs.

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